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Leanne Halls - Sketching

Teaching Philosophy

Learning to paint isn’t about learning formulas or special techniques but rather learning how to see. While there are many technical aspects of painting the most important part of an artists development is to see the truth of the painted subject.

As a teacher I have the privilege of assisting my students clarify and strengthen this knowledge and understanding. Sometimes this learning requires words and sometimes a visual demonstration. My greatest joy is seeing the spark ignite in my students when the connects are made and this is why I love to teach.

Workshop - Still Life - Light & Shadow 2022

Light & Shadow Workshop

Still Life Oil Painting Workshop

August 11th - 12th 2022

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In this 2 day workshop you will learn how to infuse still life paintings wiht life and movement. Using fresh flowers, vessels and fruit for subject matter this workshop is designed to inspire and further your knowledge and understanding of painting. You will explore composition, light movement, harmony and unity. The skills you will learn in this workshop will not only enhance your development as a still life painter it will also overflow into other painting genres such as landscape and portraiture.

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Workshop - Capturing Light - 2022

Capturing Light

Oil Painting Workshop

September 15th - 16th 2022

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Have you ever been captivated by the light in a landscape and desired to capture it on your canvas only to be disappointed that your vision wasn’t fulfilled? Or do you simply just want to take your painting to the next level? In this 2 day workshop Leanne will share with you the important things she has learned about painting light and atmosphere.
- glowing light effects
- misty atmospherics
- and lots more
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